I am interested in helping you to understand that your physical fitness and emotional health are of paramount importance. As an experienced fitness professional and teacher, I can use my personal experience to help you to fit a healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule.

I am an ACE certified personal trainer, a YogaFit certified trainer (Level 1 - beginners & intermediate) and a former New York Sports Club Pro Trainer, providing individualized fitness and yoga training and small group classes. I work with women of all ages and levels and I will help you to improve your current fitness level, jumpstart a new program, or teach you how to incorporate strength, flexibility and cardio into your lifestyle.

I am also available to train you in your home, your gym in your building if there is one that you use, my apartment (I have equipment), and Virtual training is available upon request. If you have a computer with Internet, video & chat capability, sessions can be scheduled after an initial consultation.

As a certified New York State teacher, I also offer tutoring sessions which incorporate physical activity and mindfulness to students from elementary school through college. See my website Tutorcise.com. Would you like to help give Tutorcise a home to help underserved students in New York City? Visit the YouCaring crowd-funding web site and help support the project!